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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

#CoolArt: New Tara McPherson Prints & Printsgiving Sale at Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine will be releasing new prints by Tara McPherson, as well as doing a FREE Printsgiving print giveaway along with 25% off at the checkout from their website.
  • 'Stellar Revolution'. 17" x 22" giclee print on Velvet Fine Art Rag, 260gsm/19 mil, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 200 for $50.
  • The first 50 orders of this print will receive a signed copy of the DesignerCon booklet!
  • 'The Breeders at Los Angeles'. 17" x 22" giclee print on Velvet Fine Art Rag, 260gsm/19 mil, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 130 for $50.
All orders will also include a FREE 12" x 19" signed lithograph print of 'The Crystal Waterfall' by Tara McPherson, which was used as cover art for issue #42 of Hi Fructose Magazine.

Use the code LOVE25 at the checkout and save 25% off your order.

Printsgiving starts 12midnight ET on Thursday November 23 and runs until 11.59pm ET Monday November 27 on the Cotton Candy Machine website.

'The Crystal Waterfall'
'Stellar Revolution'
'The Breeders at Los Angeles'

#CoolArt: Mondo Black Friday Print Releases

New print releases from Mondo for Black Friday.
  • 'Thor: Ragnarok' by Matt Taylor. 24" x 36" screen print, in a Regular edition of 425 for $60, and a Variant edition of 225 for $80.
  • 'Ex Machina' by Rory Kurtz. 36" x 24" screen print on Mirror Chrome Metallic paper, in a Variant edition of 175 for $80.
  • 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' by Sam Bosma. 36" x 24" screen print, in a limited edition of 250 for $50.
  • 'Handcrafted: From Coraline to Kubo' by César Moreno. 24" x 36" screen print, in a Regular edition of 750 for $50, and a Glow-In-The-Dark Variant edition of 250 for $70.
On sale Friday November 24 at 12pm CT from the Mondo website.

'Thor: Ragnorok' (Regular Edition) by Matt Taylor

Nautilus Art Prints Black Friday Sale & 'The Graduate' Original

Nautilus Art Prints will be having a special Black Friday sale, with 30% discount on all prints!

They are also offering a Laurent Durieux 'The Graduate' pencil original (value €5K) as a lottery for all purchases.

Plus with a minimum purchase of 2 prints, Nautilus will throw in a full size reproduction of this original drawing as a limited and signed edition art print. 

Their Black Friday sale begins at 12midnight CET (UK+1) on Thursday November 23 and ends Saturday November 25 at 9am CET (UK+1).

#CoolArt: 'Batman Returns' by Jemma Klein

'Batman Returns' by Jemma Klein, a new limited edition print for the sold out Cult Cinema Sunday screening of of the film on Sunday December 3 at Hull's Fruitspace Cinema.

A3 sized digital print on 350gsm heavyweight silk paper in a hand signed and numbered limited edition of 50 for £10.

On special pre-sale Friday November 24 at 12pm UK until 11.59pm UK Sunday November 26 from the Cult Cinema Sunday website.

New Flesh 'Black Friday' Mystery Tube Sale

New Flesh will be having a Mystery Tube sale. Each tube will receive two 18" x 24" prints/posters, 1 unique 1-of-1 edition, 1 handbill as well as some stickers.
  • The two 18" x 24" prints from the Archives includes many previously sold-out editions as well as some small unique variant runs never listed for sale.
  • The 1 never-before-available 1-of-1 variant edition (18" x 24" or 16" x 20" print), will be completely unique including metallic, foil and hand-painted paper variants.
  • 1 Handbill from previous Ages 4-and-Up sets or other New Flesh handbill releases
On sale Friday November 24 at 12pm CT for $50+Shipping at his website.

#CoolArt: 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' by Sam Gilbey

'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' by Sam Gilbey.

Giclee print giveaway included in orders from his website until 9am UK Monday November 27.

Available in different sizes at various pricing tiers. Spend £10 (before shipping) for a mini 9" x 6" giclée print. Spend at least £30 (before shipping) for an 18" x 12" giclée print and spending £50 (before shipping) will include a 36" x 24" giclée print with your order.

Grey Matter Art Annual 'Black Friday' Mystery Tube Sale

Grey Matter Art will once again be having their Annual Black Friday Mystery Tube Sale!

Each mystery tube will contain 4 randomly inserted prints for $80, containing some rare and sold-out sets, test prints, and signed posters from creators and cast members, one of which will be included with every order.

The sale begins Friday November 24 at 1pm ET on the Grey Matter Art website.

#CoolArt: Cyclops Print Works MondoCon Print Releases

Cyclops Print Works are releasing remaining prints that they debuted during MondoCon, November 4-5 2017.
  • 'Duel at Dawn' (Evil Dr Porkchop Variant) by Tom Whalen. 12" x 24" 6 colour screen print on Coventry Rag Vellum 320 gsm with a varnish finish, in a hand numbered limited edition of 150.
  • 'Beauty And The Beast' by JC Richard. 12" x 36" 25 colour screen print, on Strongstuff 320 gsm paper with varnish finish, in a numbered limited edition of 70.
  • 'Violet' by Craig Drake. 12" x 16" 3 colour screen print on 2 Ply Museum Board paper, in a hand numbered limited edition of 125.
  • 'Coco: Skull' by Stacey Aoyama. 18" x 24" 8 colour screen print on Plike Black 330 gsm paper, in a hand signed and numbered limited edition of 200.
  • 'Coco: Tree' by Stacey Aoyama. 18" x 24" 8 colour screen print on Plike Black 330 gsm paper, in a hand signed and numbered limited edition of 200.
On sale Wednesday November 22 at 12pm PT from the Cyclops Print Works website.

'Duel At Dawn' (Evil Dr Pork Chop Variant) by Tom Whalen

#CoolArt: 'Repose' by Audrey Kawasaki

'Repose' by Audrey Kawasaki, a print release from Thinkspace Gallery.

12" x 12" fine art print on 290gsm paper, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 500 for $130.

On sale Friday November 24 at 10am PT from the Thinkspace Gallery website.

#CoolArt: 'Peanuts' Prints by Joshua Budich

'Cloud of Dust' and 'Nickels Nickels Nickels' by Joshua Budich.

12" x 18" 6 colour screen prints, in limited editions of 50 each.

Part of his Black Friday 'Customer Appreciation Tubes of Goodness' sale. Each mystery tube will contain:
  • A 'Cloud of Dust' or 'Nickels Nickels Nickels' print.
  • A great chance at a sold out / rare print.
  • An assortment of other prints from this past year.
On sale Friday November 24 from his website. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for the on sale announcement.

'Cloud Of Dust'
'Nickels Nickels Nickels'

#CoolArt: 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' by Chris Thornley (Raid71)

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' by Chris Thornley (Raid71).

24" x 36" screen print, with Glow-In-The-Dark ink, in a signed and numbered AP edition for £80.

Part of his Black Friday AP print sale that runs from Thursday November 23 at 6pm UK until 9am UK Monday November 27 from his website.

Glow-In-The-Dark Ink Layer

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Star Wars' by Tony DeZuniga

'Star Wars' by Tony DeZuniga

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Pickle Rick' by Serban Cristescu

'Pickle Rick' by Serban Cristescu, a new officially licensed 'Rick And Morty' print release through Zavvi and Dark Ink Art.

18" x 24" lithograph print in a numbered Regular edition of 300 for £29.99, and a numbered Variant edition of 200 for $40.

The Regular edition is available through Zavvi and the Variant edition is available through Dark Ink Art.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#CoolArt: Bottleneck Gallery & Acme Archives present 'Shadow & Flame' A 'Lord Of The Rings' Showcase by Cliff Cramp

Bottleneck Gallery, in collaboration with Acme Archives, present 'Shadow & Flame', an officially licensed 'The Lord Of The Rings' art showcase by Cliff Cramp, featuring 12 pieces of art, spanning scenes and containing characters from all throughout the series.

The showcase will be available online Tuesday November 21 at 12pm ET at the Bottleneck Gallery website!

'Aragorn At Helms Deep'

#CoolArt: Black Dragon Press MondoCon Print Release

Black Dragon Press are releasing the remaining prints that they debuted during MondoCon, November 4-5 2017.
  • 'Wings of Desire' by Jeffrey Alan Love. 18" x 24" screen print on 270gsm Superfine Softwhite Eggshell Archival paper, in a hand numbered UK edition, with gold stars, of 60 for £40, and a hand numbered US edition, with silver metallic stars, of 60 for $55.
  • 'Viy' by Jessica Seamans. 18" x 24" screen print on 270gsm Cougar Natural paper, in a signed and hand numbered Titled Regular edition of 90 for £35 / $50, and an Art Variant edition of 70 for £35.
On sale Tuesday November 21 at 5pm UK from the Black Dragon Press website, and at a random time from the Mondo website. Follow them on Twitter @mondonews for the on sale announcement.

'Wings of Desire' (UK Edition) by Jeffrey Alan Love

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' by Tom Jung

'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' by Tom Jung

Monday, November 20, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Justice League' by Berkay Daglar

'Justice League' by Berkay Daglar, part of a tribute poster series from the Poster Posse artists collective.

Go here to see more tribute posters.

#CoolArt: 'Blade Runner 2049' by Marie Bergeron

'Blade Runner 2049' by Marie Bergeron.

24" x 36" 4 colour screen print on Manilla paper in a signed and numbered limited edition of 75 for $65.

On sale Monday November 20 at 12pm ET from her website.

#CoolArt: Gallery1988 presents 'Crazy 4 Cult 11' Group Art Exhibition

Gallery1988's annual show, 'Crazy 4 Cult', is back for it's 11th year with artwork from nearly 200 artists inspired by popular movies!

The exhibition is on view at Gallery 1988 (West), 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 until December 3 and also available on the Gallery1988 website.

by Ashleigh Izienicki

Book Review: 'Elantris' by Brandon Sanderson

I'm a big fan of Brandon Sanderson, through his 'Mistborn' trilogies, 'The Stormlight Archives' series, and his 'Cosmere' short stories, but I'd not read where it all began, his first published work 'Elantris'. I aimed to put that right before his latest opus, 'Oathbringer', arrived.

I'd heard really good things about his debut, and after finishing it, I can only concur, it's a unique and wonderful read.

Elantris; capital of Arelon, a city with a population of God like citizens, with magical abilities helping all those around them. Ten years ago a catastrophic event happened, the Reod, and the magic disappeared. Elantris is now cursed, an asylum to the fallen, a city of the dead.

Prince Raoden of Arelon, wakes up with the Shaod, a transformation that once signalled the transition in becoming one of the demi-gods of Elantris, but now only viewed as a curse. It couldn't have come at worse time, as his betrothed, Princess Sarene of Teod is travelling to Kae, the new capital of Arelon, for their state marriage, and a Fjordell priest, Hrathen, has arrived to convert Arelon for his emperor and God.

Its a slow burn of a book, as we're introduced to the three main characters, each with their own pov throughout the book. Raoden, the fallen prince, still full of positivity despite his circumstances. Sarene, the feisty and determined princess, looking to do right (I liked both of these characters). And Hrathen, the fanatical priest. It's a book more of political intrigue and religious conflicts than of action normally seen in fantasy stories. But that's not to say it's boring. Not at all. It all drives the story, and is much better for it as you become invested in the world of Arelon and the characters along the way until the intense climax!

Although written as a standalone book at the time, you can see the beginnings of his 'Cosmere' universe here. Sanderson is known for the intricate magic systems in his books, and 'Elantris' is no different. Here we have Aons, the art of writing symbols in the air that perform magical duties, like healing. We're introduced to them as Raoden discovers them, so we're not treated to an overload in exposition or expected to know everything straight away. They may be complicated, with all their different strokes and abilities, but they're also still understandable.

The setting and world building is pretty good, filled with strong determined characters, that we see variations of in his later books.

A strong and engaging debut read from an author that only gets better with each book! If you like fantasy but after something a bit more unique, then I'd definitely recommend 'Elantris'. And if you're a fan Sanderson's other works, I'd recommend picking this up, just to see where the seeds of his 'Cosmere' universe were planted first.

Book Review: 'Angel Of The Blockade' by Alex Wells

Another great original short story from Tor that is available to read for free from their website (

A smuggler with a reputation as one of the best, one that's never been captured by the Imperial regime, is hired to transport a mystery cargo to another station. But things don't quite go smoothly when she finds out what the cargo is.

It's a fun read about a scoundrel of a smuggler (aren't they the best ones?), that I took a liking to immediately. Although unlike most stories with similar protagonists, there's a twist with Nata, in that she's also blind. She does have help from her 'Traveller', an implant in her jawbone that detects objects in her surroundings, and has also modified her 'ugly ass' ship (voted ugliest 10 years running on Corona Nine Station no less!) with a unique control system more befitting someone like herself. I loved the descriptions of how she flew the ship using her different senses.

Along with her superb piloting skills, her attitude also gets her out of tight situations, and as the smuggling run becomes more complex, both traits come to the forefront.

A great read with a main character that's a feisty so and so that doesn't give a crap, just gets on with things, but also, it turns out, has a heart of gold. A bit clichéd, but it works very well.

I'd definitely read more stories from this universe.

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Big Trouble In Little China' by Steven Chorney

'Big Trouble In Little China' by Steven Chorney

Friday, November 17, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Indiana Jones' Prints by Cliff Cramp

'Indiana Jones' inspired officially licensed prints by Cliff Cramp available through ACME Archives.
  • 'Jones'. 24" x 12" giclee print on canvas in a signed and numbered limited edition of 95 for $245 $183.75 (reduced for a limited time).
  • 'Showdown'. 39" x 20" giclee print on canvas, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 95 for $350 $262.50 (reduced for a limited time)


Book Review: 'The Tablet Of Scaptur' by Julia Keller

An enjoyable short read about a mysterious Martian rock that finds its way into the hands of Violet Crowley - daughter of New Earth's founding father, as she visits a museum, and her efforts to decrypt the markings / code inscribed on the rock with the help of the sister of one of her group of friends, who just so happens to be a child genius.

It's a fairly briskly paced short, but one that was engaging and kept me interested in the story and the enjoyable lead characters.

The story did feel like it's a prologue, as the story isn't really resolved at the end, and hints at maybe more to come, and low and behold, it sort of is, as 'The Tablet of Scaptur' introduces the characters and setting for Julia Keller's follow up, 'The Dark Intercept'.

Overall it's a decent read that's also peppered with some YA tropes for good measure.

Available to read for free from the Tor Fiction website.

Movie Review: 'Justice League'

I enjoyed watching the new DC Comics movie, 'Justice League'. It's a lot less grim than 'BvS' but much better, definitely a step in the right direction for the DC movies. It's not flawless (no film really is), but still definitely worth seeing, especially if you're a fan of the iconic heroes. It's also sprinkled with a bit more welcoming humour as well - Whedon's influence? - with Ezra Miller's The Flash coming across as the comic relief for the most part, along with Jason Momoa's Aquaman.

Some cool action sequences as the big bad, Steppenwolf went about his business, including one action/battle scene near the start of the film, that reminded me a lot of 'The Lord Of The Rings'. It was also good to see more of the Amazonians as they took to the battlefield too. 

Wasn't too impressed with the musical score though, not all that memorable (seems to be a standard comic movie trait these days, whether it's DC or Marvel) but it was cool to hear parts of the Danny Elfman 'Batman' and John Williams Superman themes. Wasn't impressed with the obvious gratuitous ass shots of Wonder Woman either. Would've thought better of whichever director (either Snyder or Whedon) did those scenes, although considering their past work, maybe not.

I found it a fun ride that felt more like a comic book movie than in previous DC movies, and it was great to see all the heroes just do their thing. It's the best recent rendition of Superman so far, and Aquaman and The Flash were pretty good. I continue to be in awe of Wonder Woman as well. But out of the five heroes, it's Ben Affleck's Batman/Bruce Wayne that disappointed me. He was a decent in 'Batman v Superman', but here it's like he's just phoning it in, not really bothering. With all the rumours of him wanting out of the role, a change could be good. If you're wanting to compare with that other comic cinematic universe, then for me, I'd say it's on the same level as, and maybe just about edges, 'Age Of Ultron'. 

As it's a comic book movie, there's of course two end credits scenes, one for fun and the other a set up for something later.

#CoolArt: 'Justice League' by Lee Bermejo

'Justice League' by Lee Bermejo, previously only available at MondoCon 2017, now available through Mondo.

36" x 24" screen print, in a hand numbered limited edition of 400 for $50.

On sale at a random time Friday November 17 from Mondo website.

Follow them on Twitter @mondotees for the on sale announcement.

#CoolArt: 'Justice League' by Rich Kelly

'Justice League' by Rich Kelly, a new print release from Bottleneck Gallery.

24" x 36" 8 colour screen print, in a hand-numbered Regular edition of 300 for $50, and a hand numbered Variant edition, with metallic inks, of 140 for $60.

On sale Friday November 17 at 12pm ET from the Bottleneck Gallery website.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Conan The Barbarian' by Renato Casaro

'Conan The Barbarian' by Renato Casaro

Thursday, November 16, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Revelen' by Brad Kunkle

'Revelen' by Brad Kunkle.

11" x 15" Archival Pigment print on 300 gsm Entrada Natural Archival Cotton Rag paper, in a signed and stamped limited edition of 45 for $150, and a special hand embellished with gold, limited edition of 10 for $475.

On sale Thursday November 16 at 12pm ET from his website.

#CoolArt: 'Justice League' by Doaly

'Justice League' by Doaly.

Free print available, while stocks last, at a special event from 1-4pm PT at ArcLight Cinemas in La Jolla, San Diego, Saturday November 18.

#CoolArt: 'The Queen’s Rising' by Jenna Kass

'The Queen’s Rising' by Jenna Kass, for Every Day Original.

8" x 10" pencil and powdered graphite on matted 11″x14″ Strathmore 400 Series Smooth Bristol original for $325.

On sale Thursday November 16 at 12.30pm ET from the Every Day Original website.

#CoolArt: 'Castlevania' by Kilian Eng

'Castelvania' by Kilian Eng, a new officially licensed Konami print release from Cook & Becker.

24" x 36" fine art canvas print in a numbered Regular edition of 200 (+2 AP) and a numbered Variant edition of 200 (+2 AP) from $119 each.

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#CoolArt: 'Star Wars Landscapes' by Richard Davies

'Star Wars Landscapes' by Richard Davies, a print release through Acme Archives.

  • 27" x 7.2" lithograph prints, in hand numbered limited editions of 295 for $39 each.
  • 29" x 7.6" giclee print on wrapped canvas, in hand numbered limited editions of 195 for $145 each.

Go here to buy.

'Dogfight At Sunset'
'X-Wings At Twilight'
'Daybreak On Hoth'
'Tatooine Sunset'